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Customer is the King.

True, but only if he pays his dues on time !

We specialize in managing and insuring Corporate Credit Risks involved in domestic and international trade for Corporates and Banks globally. In partnership with Fortune 500 and S&P AA, A+ and above rated Specialty Credit Insurers world-wide, we optimally structure and deliver bespoke insurance protection enabling our clients to sustain and grow business - with the right Customers, in the right Markets, with right level of Information Insights and empowered by Trade Credit & Political Risks Insurance.

5 value-addsOur bespoke Trade Credit Insurance solutions empower your business by offering  : 

  • Credit Intelligence & Analytics Information on your Customers,

  • Comprehensive protection against Non-Payment Risks,

  • Indemnification upto 90% in the event of Payment Default,

  • Debt Collection Services to minimize any bad-debts,

  • Support Trade Finance for your Receivables, Supply Chain & Working Capital.​


Our team has over 25 years of experience spanning global markets & managing business-spectrum across diversified industries, trades and sectors. It would be our immense pleasure to understand your business and discuss bespoke solutions to best managing your Credit Risks. Let's start a dialogue today !


Comprehensive Risks Protection

(1) Commercial risks : 

  • Insolvency of Customer(s) 

  • Protracted default by Customer(s) i.e. not paying on due date

(2) Export & Political risks : 

  • Contract Frustration

  • War, Civil War, Terrorism, Rebellion, Coup d’etat etc.

  • Government Moratorium

  • Confiscation

  • Expropriation

  • Nationalization

  • Currency transfer difficulties,

  • Inconvertibility

  • Public Buyer Default

  • Force Majeure

  • Natural Disasters

  • Pre-shipment Credit Risks

(3) Contract Frustration & Political risks  :

  • Insolvency or default by either a public or privately owned entity

  • Non-trade capabilities 

  • Pre-export finance 

  • Pre-shipment political risk coverage

  • Unfair and fair calling of on-demand bonds

  • Currency inconvertibility and Exchange transfer 

  • License cancellation

  • Import/Export embargo

  • Confiscation, Nationalisation, Expropriation and Deprivation 

  • Failure to honour an arbitration award

  • Aircraft and Vessel Repossession

  • Mortgage Rights Insurance 

Our CPRI solutions for Corporates provide a comprehensive insurance protection against broad spectrum of domestic & export credit risks.

For Banks, our 'Non-Payment Insurance' (NPI) or Obligor Trade Credit Insurance Policy, covers the risk of non-payment of loan obligation as per financing agreement.

Policy can be structured to offer 'Capital Relief' under Basel norms.

Benefits for Corporates

Our Credit Insurance Solutions instills business confidence to trade, sustain and expand in domestic and international markets by providing following advantages :

  • Protection against Customer Payment Defaults - Bad Debts

  • Balance Sheet & Cash-flow protection

  • Strengthen Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Corporate Governance, KYC Compliance and Risk Control

  • Increase business with existing customers

  • Enhance opportunities to add new customers

  • Optimistically penetrate existing markets

  • Access new markets for wider business opportunities

  • Prudent Sales & Debtor Risk Management

  • Safer sales targeting: Screening new and existing customers to identify those with which you may wish to grow your business safely and profitably

  • Debt Collection & Asset Recovery Services by Insurance Company

  • Access to Credit Intelligence Information Service providing you invaluable insight into customers

  • Reduction of Bad-Debts provisioning or reserves

  • Protection of Foreign Assets & Capital Investments

  • Optimize Liquidity by Financing Trade Receivables


Benefits for Banks & FI's

Our TCI solutions, backed by S&P AA & A+ rated specialized Credit Insurers offer following advantages to Banks and Financial Institutions supporting Trade Finance & Trade Assets Protection :

  • Serves as Credit Enhancement Collateral

  • Qualified Risk Mitigant providing Capital Relief under Basel II & III

  • Enhance deal economics and lending spectrum

  • Optimize competitive advantage by holding lending assets on books v/s down-selling or BMRP or Syndication

  • Conserve and reduce Risk Weighted Assets (RWA)

  • Enhance lending capabilities by facilitating Counter-party Obligor Risk and/or Country Risk aggregation management & relief

  • Expand client borrowing base to include exports trade receivables under traditional Asset-Based Lending facilities. 

  • Portfolio Securitization opportunities

  • Risk Management Services

  • Full control on Credit Insurance Policy & Claims Management

  • Full spectrum of Credit Insurance solutions for Trade and Non-Trade Assets covering conventional and Islamic lending facilities.


Comprehensive Trade Receivables Insurance 

for your




Let's start a dialogue ! We are uniquely positioned to understand your business requirements and structure bespoke insurance solutions to best manage your Trade Risks exposures.

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