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Multi-Buyer or WholeTurnover 
Trade Credit Insurance Policy


  • Credible Debtor Portfolio Protection

  • Non-cancellable Limits

  • Discretionary Credit Limits

  • Up to 90% indemnity

  • Collateral instrument for Trade Financing

Special Cover Extensions:

  • Pre-shipment Risks Cover   

  • Contracts cover

  • CAD / DP cover

  • Consignment Sales cover

  • LC / ILC cover

Whole Turnover or Multi-buyers TCI Policy offers a comprehensive insurance protection for whole or substantial portfolio of buyers for domestic and/or international trade. This is the best credit insurance offering for Corporates protecting the most important Balance Sheet’s Current Asset viz. ‘Trade Receivables/Debtors’. There is a granular vetting of buyer’s portfolio by world-class credit insurers which also supports your KYC compliance and ERM Corporate Governance involving responsibility of Director’s & Office’s to protect the Balance Sheet.


Each and every proposed buyer / customer is underwritten by the Insurer and once approved, assigned a Credit Cover Limit.  A Discretionary Credit Limit structure is also efficiently offered by our select insuring partners to facilitate automated coverage on substantial portion of buyer’s portfolio which satisfy the requisite prudential credit criteria based on your credit and collection procedures and trade experience. You can trade upto such approved credit limits which can be flexibly scaled upwards or downwards to support your business trade requirements and subject to credit-worthiness of the proposed buyer/customer.


Indemnity coverage is upto 90%. We can also structure upto 100% through the risk share arrangement of an Aggregate Deductible structure and policies can be either Risk Attaching (shipments made during the policy) or Loss Occurring (claimable event occurs during the policy).


Premium is a rate % levied on the sales turnover for all credit-approved customers to be declared on a monthly or quarterly basis by the Insured policy holder. The Policy Maximum Limit of Liability (PMLL) is a multiple of total annual premium normally ranging from 30 upto 50 times.


You could also beneficially use Trade Credit Insurance Policy as a collateral to finance your trade receivables with banks thereby improving or optimizing your Working Capital liquidity.

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