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Key Accounts or Select Buyers
Trade Credit Insurance Policy


  • Credible Select Debtor Portfolio Protection

  • Underwritten Non-cancellable Limits

  • Up to 90% indemnity

  • No or low deductible

  • Collateral instrument for Trade Financing

Special Cover Extensions:

  • Pre-shipment Risks Cover   

  • Contracts cover

  • CAD / DP cover

  • Consignment Sales cover

  • LC / ILC cover

  • Key Accounts or Select Buyers TCI Policy offers a comprehensive non-payment coverage on your international and/or domestic sales made to your largest key buyers.

  • The Credit Cover Limits for such select customers / key accounts are specifically appraised and underwritten by the Insurers. The approved credit limits (Buyer & Country) are , subject to policy terms and conditions, guaranteed and non-cancellable providing you with a stability in business sales planning and execution.


  • The number of buyers usually ranges from 2 to 20 to start and with a flexibility to request additional customers during the policy tenor.


  • The policy flexibly covers all goods and services originating domestically and internationally including cross-country. This also includes your goods manufactured, supplied and invoiced by your foreign subsidiaries.


  • Indemnity coverage is upto 90%. We can also structure upto 100% through the risk share arrangement of an Aggregate Deductible structure and policies can be either Risk Attaching (shipments made during the policy) or Loss Occurring (claimable event occurs during the policy).


  • Premium is a rate % levied on the sales turnover for all credit-approved customers to be declared on a monthly or quarterly basis by the Insured policy holder.  A minimum & deposit premium is charged at policy inception either upfront or on a quarterly basis adjusted against the actual sales turnover declaration.


  • You could also beneficially use Trade Credit Insurance Policy as a collateral to finance your trade receivables with banks thereby improving or optimizing your Working Capital liquidity.

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