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Default Cover :

Default by the counterparty (due to either commercial or political force majeure reasons) of its payment or performance obligations to the insured, in respect of a financing. Eligible counterparties may be either public or private entities. 

Lender's Interest :

Default by an Obligor/Borrower of a payment or performance obligation under Financing Contract caused by defined “political” perils such as expropriation, currency inconvertibility, political violence, terrorism, strikes, riots, civil commotions and wars.

Political Force Majeure :

The occurrence of defined “political” events that prevent either the Insured or the Counterparty from performing their obligations under the contract (e.g. wars, civil wars, embargoes, license cancellations, currency inconvertibility or transfer restrictions or law/ order/ decrees by the government). 

"Trade" Business :

  • Trade Finance Facilities

  • Structured Commodities Transactions

  • Factoring & Forfaiting

  • Payment Guarantees

  • Letter of Credit confirmations

"Non-Trade" Business :

  • Project Finance loans

  • General Purpose Loans

  • Loans to other Financial Institutions

We offer a complete suite of Trade Finance Credit Risk Insurance Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions backed by strong S&P A+ & above rated specialist international insurers. Our brokered TCI policies protect financial institutions from nonpayment on trade finance and supply chain loans, as well as on loans secured by trade accounts receivable that are purchased or financed by the lender. 

(A) Bank as 'Loss Payee' Assignee : Loss Payees Endorsement ; Trade Finance Endorsement

(B) Bank as Insured : Offering a full spectrum of Bank availed policies viz. : 

  1. Non-Payment Insurance (NPI) - including Basel II & III compliant Capital Relief solutions

  2. Trade Receivables Factoring Policy - Portfolio Cover and/or Select Obligor TR Portfolio Cover

  3. Single / Multi-Buyer Bank Factoring Policy

  4. Trade Receivables Securitization TCI Insurance

  5. Reverse Factoring or Purchase Factoring or Supply Chain Finance Trade Credit Insurance Policy

  6. LC / SBLC TCI Policy Country &/or Counter-party Credit Limits TCI policy

  7. Structured Trade & Commodity Finance Credit Insurance solutions

  8. Non-Trade Credit Insurance Policy (Working Capital Finance, Short-Term Loans, Revolving Credit)

  9. Insurance - Bank Master Risk Participation (BMRP) Agreements

  10. Leasing / Securitization / Capital Markets Structures

  11. Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization, Deprivation (CEND) & Political Risks Insurance

  12. Islamic Trade Finance Trade Credit Takaful (for Commodity Murabaha & Tawarruq structures)

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